What are your thoughts on Toast vs Olo

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Some of the best info out there

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happy new yr for 23.

Re yr comments about SoFi, I totally agree with you and I have been buying

as much SoFi as I can buy amongst others in software, it's now my 9th largest holding

in my US PF.

Since July 15 this yr, as of last Friday nite i have now made 96 stock buys. My friends just laugh,

which I feel is because they don't understand Mr Mkt and his moods and emotions yet, but that's ok,

Its not the right time, it's the totally wrong time, are you insane, you'll lose all yr money,

you've heard it before it's normal.

I try and explain yes the bulls pay the profits, but the bears set you up for them,

and you guessed it, they just laugh. So I laugh along., their my dear friends.

You might want to have a look in on Mongo and Data Dog.

All the best for the new year and beyond SMN.

cheers kev

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